I can make anything you need. I take pride in what I do and am intuitive, diverse, and dedicated to creating bold, innovative works. My style is relaxed but punctual and efficient. I work with my clients to create something they feel uniquely represents them.

    In 2001 I began working with 7 other ambitious folks to form Stronghold LLC, a group of artists who collectively buy and build out property for sustainable artist live/work space. We are currently 9 years into the first project - 4 houses on Seattle's Beacon Hill.


    “Luara has a wonderful gift of creativity, savviness and style. Her work is always sensational and has been an asset in the many projects we have had her involved on. Her skills at adeptly finding the right balance of design and functionality are exceptional while accurately following our direction. I highly recommend her.”
    Jason Levine, Founder and Executive Director, Perfect Pixels, July 17, 2008

    “Luara is a sophisticated graphic designer who is fluent working in many different styles. Her art resonates with the contemporary audience, and she is facile when working within corporate guidelines. She has a breadth of production experience encompassing any number of materials, processes and techniques, working with fabrics, direct-surface printing, vinyl, paper, you name it. If she doesn’t know how to do it (which is extremely unlikely), she’ll figure it out. Stop reading this and hire her already.”
    Martin Christoffel, Design Director, The Production Network, July 16, 2008

    ”Over the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to work with Luara on a variety of projects and have consistently found her to be one of the most creative, visionary, and capable people I have ever worked with. Luara managed a number of promotional and graphic design projects for me between 1997 until 2002. That year I hired her as the Artistic Director for Static Factory Media, LLC - a multimedia artist development company. Luara managed a variety of projects including: creating all of the branding and graphic identity for SFM and a number of its affiliate projects, production managing several large scale events, and managing more than 50 graphic design clients. In each area of responsibility Luara always went above the call of duty to deliver high quality results. She is a natural in the field of design, and her sense of aesthetic is uncanny. Though Luara and I both left Static Factory in late 2005, I continued to hire her to create the branding and graphic design for the next project I undertook (Youngstown Cultural Arts Center). I continue to rely on her skills whenever possible, and firmly believe that any company able to have her on their team will greatly benefit from her skills and ability. Please feel free to call me if you wish to discuss Luara’s work further.”
    Randy Engstrom, Founding Director, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, October 22, 2007